10 Handy Tech Tips You’ll Use Over and Over

10 Handy Tech Tips You’ll Use Over and Over

It’s a cool trick that all love. Regardless of how well we know the application or program, we never learned almost always a shortcut. The same thing applies to the hardware. Without knowing the right things, we can use gadgets daily.

A great example is Zoom, recently discovered by millions of Americans. 
During quarantine, the technology you already own can take a lot of time, primarily if you work from your home office. You know little, if you can cut free corners, you can do things “the harsh way.” Having a knowledge of various tech tips not only saves your time but also helps to do the work efficiently. These tips can be very much fun to do and also increases your knowledge about the tech.

Here are some of my favorite tips, tricks, and shortcuts for many popular technologies and programs that you have used or must use while working on various systems.

Insert the USB at the Write Position from the Beginning
Connecting to a USB cable sounds like a brainless human. So why do we find the first attempt so much wrong?
Here’s the confidentiality: take some cable around your house with you. See this one-sided symbol? Branding or furnishing is not everything. If you plug a cable horizontally, the USB icon will light up and plug a cable vertically. You see now.

Reopening a Closed Web Browser Again
It still happens. There are a million tabs in your browser open, and the incorrect one is unintentionally locked. You can open your browser history and reopen the tab on it, or with a few clicks. It is a great time and also a great tech tip that you will use in your daily life.

Sharing a Youtube Video at Particular Point
You will get a connection that takes people right at that time if you watch something in a YouTube video you want to post. Underneath the film, press the Sharing button. Check under the connection for a checkbox. The moment you have the footage stopped will appear automatically.
This time you can stick to or pick another time. Copy the web address, email it to a friend, and post it on your favorite social media. The YouTube video is saved right to the point you’ve determined when someone watches the file.

Searching the Content Quickly Using the Word “Site:”
A search by Google can return millions of results. Cut this down by searching only one Google Site: feature. Cut it down considerably. Open Google and enter the site you want to scan in your browser: and then explore the site you want. Such as “site:komando.com,” but put the quotations off.

Reporting the Junk Text in the Emails
Trash emails can totally give you an irritating feeling. You can ban them, but you still feel confident about taking action—just a few more clicks to report text to the GSMA monitoring branch. Pass your message to 7726 (say what?) or press the “Report junk” button on your message application.

Use the Voice Typing Feature in Google Docs
I bet you utilize speech-to-text on your phone already to dictate text emails and texts but did you even know that Google Docs will do the same thing? Do you know? It works remarkably well, and it is cheap.
Open Google Documents’ latest document and activate Voice Typing in the Tools menu. Then you continue to dictate. Speech Typing understands such orders as “comma,” “period,” as well as “new paragraph.”

Downloading Disney Plus Movies
Every subscription provider has a separate video content download and offline viewing policy. Until 2016, Netflix was the main holdout. But Disney+ automatically permitted this option. At the bottom of the menu is the button for the download. You will also import all titles that your disc can carry with the Disney Plus program.

Cropping the Screenshot
Screenshots are ordinary but often more than you need to capture them. Too many of your screens can threaten your safety in a single image. You can instead take a precise cropping screenshot so that you only include what you want.
Using the Mac can press Command + Shift + 5 to get a rectangle that can be controlled as much as you would like.
Go to Start on Windows 10, enter the Snipping tool in Search Bar. It lets you drag the same box across your screen to every type.

Searching the Chat on WhatsApp
Messages build up over time, regardless of the platform you use. We’re looking for this one eloquent quote or an actual street address, but in a disjointed sea, it’s lost. WhatsApp is perhaps the most downloaded app of the decade, but many people do not know how to search your messages, like Google.
There is a search bar for iOS versions; a search icon is available for Android. Whether or not, find words that are unique to a particular conversation to limit the exact message.

Undo the Email Sent
Have you just sent everyone an email intended for one person? Well, before you write your email, Gmail can unsend an email by setting one. For the exact steps, tap or click here.
You can also change the spelling errors, incorrect beneficiaries, topic line, and even attach forgotten appendices with this message reminder.
Make sure the setting is set to more than five seconds as default. Let’s experience it; it’s not five seconds to realize you made a mistake; let’s say, hit the unsend key. Fortunately, Gmail settings allow an email up to 30 seconds to be paused.

Final Words
The tips and tricks mentioned in this article are straightforward to perform and tend to be very useful. You must surely use these tips while working out on your systems and make your work easy. There are a lot of other tech tips that you must be knowing, so feel free to tell us so that we can include them in our list and spread them to others. Until then, use these tips and have fun with your tech.

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