One of the best features of an Android phone is that you can quickly adjust the settings to give a whole new different look. You should either change the settings or install an app on the Google Play Store to experience the latest look in an outdated cell phone. You should only configure your cell phone that runs Android to get a feeling of the new phone. In this post, we will talk about ten ways to change your Android smartphone look. Don’t worry; if you do not like the changes you have made, you can quickly reverse them by resetting the changes that have been created. It’s a task to return to the default mode for seconds. Let’s now look at how the Android phone can be customized.

  1. Change the Mobile Wallpaper to get a New Look
    Mobile Wallpaper will lend it an entirely new look. It’s a fast way to change the Wallpaper; you need to put the Wallpaper tweak in your home screen’s blank section. The smartphone is supplied with extensive wallpaper collections. Nevertheless, you can check for it on the Free Wallpaper websites online if you don’t like it. A new mobile wallpaper can enhance the look of the mobile and make it appear like a new one.
  2. Customize your Mobile Widgets
    A smartphone widget not only changes your phone’s appearance but is also helpful if you don’t want to turn between applications. By pressing the blank display of your Home Page for a long time and pressing the widget button, you can get various widgets. The number and widget forms shown depend on the applications on your cell phone enabled. The Google widgets pre-installed, such as Calendar and Note, are handy and look fantastic. You can adjust there size and place them accordingly so that it gives a new look to the mobile.
  3. Install New Mobile Launcher
    Mobile launchers are an outstanding means of adjusting the mobile appearance. Using mobile settings, you can switch between multiple mobile releases. There’s a lot of smartphone launchers from third parties that can help make up your mobile devices. These releases will make the smartphone app symbols, app drawers, and home and lock show apps look different. You can test them via Google Play Store download. These applications are free to use and are very easy to operate. You can easily change the style of your PC as per your preferences and choices of look.
  4. Customize the Mobile Home Screen
    You can configure your mobile home screen with Android Mobile’s nice versatility. Depending on your preference, you can drag and drop various apps and make them look acceptable. By inserting new images, you can even extend your home screen. It is also possible to build directories according to the mobile device type. This gives a very arranged and neat look to your phone and enhances its look.
  5. Try out different Mobile Icon Packs
    Icon Packs will transform your smartphone icons’ appearance entirely and bring an improved look to your Android. On the Google Play Store, you can check out various third-party smartphone icon sets. Only get one and check it out according to your demands. You can change these apps from time to time, try out different icon packs and choose the best one out of them.
  6. Change Mobile app and Notification Sounds
    Mobile Android offers you an excellent choice to schedule various smartphone alerts, texts, and calls with different tones. For each touch, you can also set multiple ringtones. Step into your Android mobile’s sound system and turn to sound like you wish. These sound effects give a blasting change to the mobile and provide a feel like a new mobile.
  7. Change the Default Apps
    You should adjust the default apps to open various tasks in your Android-supported mobiles. It would help if you change the default applications used to open your e-mail, message, or phone call. To benefit from this functionality, you simply need to install multiple third-party programs.
  8. Turn on the Dark Mode
    The all-new, dark mode function arrives now, which offers Android Mobile a new look. It not only increases the smartphone sensation but saves a tonne of mobile battery. By using the Display settings of your smartphone, you can trigger the dark mode feature. This feature not only saves your mobile battery but also prevents the light from affecting your eyes.
  9. Customize the Theme Settings
    Changing icons looks, home screen settings, transitions, and much more is possible by modifying the subject settings. You can personalize them according to your preferences, whether you’re using the regular theme or the third party theme, as stated before.
  10. Rooting the Android Mobile
    You have the utter right to configure your Android smartphone to suit your needs. You can also add another operating system to make it look different. But bear in mind that it is a little technological or complicated procedure to root a cell phone that takes advantage and downside of this. It all depends upon the ability to be a smartphone Android. Only give it the time to determine whether your handset needs to be rooted or not.
    Final Words
    So these were the best tips that you can use to transform the look of your mobile and give a feeling like a new mobile. These tips not only change the mobile look but are also beneficial for improving the efficiency, reducing the harm light effect, increment of battery life and many more. Therefore it can be said that Android phones have the incredible capability of customization and you can easily tweak its settings to give it a new and elegant look which helps you keep your mobile look new and fresh. So it is recommended tha use these tips to keep your mobile as new as when it was bought and use it for a more extended period of time also have fun while changing its setting to give it a makeup.

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