All of the Black Friday Deals You Should Look Out For Online

Black Friday has become a festive tradition for many as an opportunity to treat yourself without having to foot the full bill for your items, with Christmas just around the corner you may be interested to know that most companies take advantage of the Black Friday rush and offer a significant discount on their stock in preparation for the new year. There are some great deals about o you may want t hold off on that next big purchase and get it when you can save some money.

If you are not the best at shopping in person or you dislike how busy it gets during this period then you may be interested in the online offers that many companies also have. Just because you are not prepared to visit the store physically doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on the discounts that can help you to save a significant amount of money, which could be put towards the many purchases you have coming up over the Christmas period. This article will go over some of the best Black Friday deals that you can get, so continue reading if you are going to be doing some retail therapy or buying gifts for your family this Christmas.

Computers and Technology

One of the best kinds of deals that you can get on Black Friday would have to be the huge savings that are offered on computers and other pieces of tech. As these items tend to carry a large price tag it makes sense to take advantage of the special offers and save some money rather than paying the full price. Technology items are also very popular for Christmas gifts so you can have extra money aside for other presents to make your festive season as enjoyable as possible.

Amazon, Curry’s PC World, and many regional supermarkets are some of the best places where you can find the best Black Friday deals that are offered online and in-store making it very easy to save money when it is convenient for you. You can also set alerts for stock reminders and to let you know when a deal is going to end to avoid missing out on a special offer, this will help you to avoid the nightmare scenario of finding out a discount was available after you have already paid the full, more expensive price for an item.

Home and Kitchen Supplies

Home and kitchen equipment are another category that features very heavily in many retailers online Black Friday offers, much like many other technology pieces you can pay a big price for some of these items so saving some money can be a big relief. This would also be very useful for people who are just moving into new homes or renovations and are in need of new equipment, helping you to save some money off your overall budget. If you are buying pretty much anything in the Black Friday period I would recommend shopping around to find the best deal rather than rushing into a purchase.


If you are interested in DIY or you need to purchase a Christmas present for the budding builder in your life then you may want to leave it until Black Friday to make the purchase as this is another industry that is heavily discounted amongst online retailers. Again Amazon is a very versatile online shop that sells pretty much anything that you could need including pieces of equipment that are needed within DIY, so you should definitely check out what they and the other online retailers have on offer on the coming Black Friday.


If you are looking for any new pieces of entertainment tech, such as gaming consoles and computers, televisions, and other media tech then Black Friday is the perfect opportunity for you to save yourself some of your hard-earned money. These deals are often in very high demand as they are usually very popular as Christmas gifts so if you know that you are going to be interested I would start your inquiries sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment.

Other Deals and Offers

The great thing about Black Friday is that you can find deals in places that you would not expect, for companies that require software or technological hardware you may also be able to find these at a discounted price using PureVPN coupon code to check on the available offers. It is during this time that most companies wish to bring as many customers into their business as possible meaning that most companies have to offer special deals in order to keep up with the competing brands that also discount their products. With significant money to be saved, you would be stupid to not take advantage of them.

7 Of the Funnest and Most Interesting Garden Gadgets You’ll Adore

As we are approaching some of the hottest months of the year, it is likely that you have been spending much more time in your garden. Since you are spending far more time in your garden, you may be ready to do it up a bit and make it funkier. Here are 7 of the funniest and most interesting garden gadgets you’ll adore. 

Glow Up Pool Fencing 

If you are someone that has a pool, then you will know just how much of an eyesore the fencing around it can be, but it is a necessary feature.  You may be looking into doing up your fencing to make it look a bit better, and by now you have probably checked out all of the diy glass pool fencing perth has to offer. We recommend ditching the classic glass look and instead go for glow-up fencing, which will give your garden a splash of color. 

Pool Shark Filter 

This is another one for all of you pool owners out there. If you want to make sure that your pool water is clean and you like a bit of fun, then you will love the pool shark filter. This filter makes sure that your pool is clean while making it look like there is a shark swimming around your pool, which is quite a good laugh.  

Mini Trimmer 

If you love the idea of a Roomba, then you will love the mini trimmer. This small lawnmower slowly works its way around your garden and takes care of any overgrown grass that may be making your garden look unsightly. This mini trimmer comes in a number of fun colors and is rechargeable, so you don’t have to worry about replacing batteries.  

Electric Lounger 

Since the sun is coming out quite a lot more, then you will probably be spending a lot of time sunbathing. Finding the right lounger can be extremely annoying and it always feels as though you no longer can get the right angle for your needs. This is why you need an electric lounger which can be adjusted to whatever angle you need it to. 

Inflatable Movie Screen 

Summer is the best time to spend time with your family and if you plan on inviting over some of your loved ones, why not surprise them with an inflatable movie screen. An inflatable movie screen transforms your garden into a cinema, so you can enjoy one of your favorite movies under the stars. If you are someone who wants to enjoy the sunshine while pigging out in front of a movie, then this is also a great option for you. 

Outdoor Speaker System 

As the days are getting hotter, you are going to be spending much more time out in the sun. Lounging about in the heat can get quite boring after some time and so you need some form of entertainment. We recommend looking into an outdoor speaker system that you can hook up to every corner of your garden.  

Electric Bird Feeder 

If you are somewhat of an animal lover, then it is likely that you already have a bird feeder in your garden. Having a bird feeder in your garden is a great way to give back to nature, but more often than not other animals such as squirrels help themselves to the bird feed and even break your feeder.  For this reason, we recommend that you purchase a sturdy electric feeder which has a specific sensor which means that it won’t release bird feed unless there is a bird there.  

Getting Started in Graphic Design: A Beginner’s Guide

As the world around us has moved online, there has been an increase in demand for graphic designers. Many of the stores that you know and love are moving completely online, which means that there are thousands of businesses out there that are in desperate need for a graphics designer to create a page for them to operate from.  

If you are someone that has artistic ability and a love for the internet, then you may be interested in pursuing a career in graphics design. The world is quite new to graphic design and though many universities are offering extensive courses on how to be a graphic designer, not many people want to get a formal education in it.  

Whether you are someone that is completely new to graphic design or you already have some knowledge, you may want to further your own understanding. Here are our tips on how to get started in the world of graphic design. 

Graphic Design Basics  

Before you can pursue a career in graphic design, you first need to get your head around the basics. We recommend that you test your skills and do some practice runs on what potential graphic design content you may be able to offer future clients. 

Just picking up some of the basic skills for graphic design can be challenging in itself and you may notice that after a few practices, graphic design really isn’t for you.  We recommend that you download some programs made for graphic design and try and familiarize yourself with some of the tools. Be sure to get to know every feature individually and confidently, as rushing to learn how to do everything at once may just confuse you. Familiarizing yourself with the programs will make you much more comfortable when it comes to actually starting your graphic design journey.  


Useful Design Programs  

Though you now know that you have to become familiar with graphic design programs, you may be wondering which programs you should use.  

There is a long list of software that is used by graphic designers and it can be difficult to pinpoint which ones you should use. As a beginner, you should avoid using any software that is too complex, as you may quickly feel overwhelmed which may make you quit.  

 One of the most popular graphic design programs out there is Adobe InDesign. This is commonly used by graphic designers and if you were to do a course based around graphic design, then they would recommend that you use this program.  If you were to apply for a graphic design position in a company, then you would be expected to know how to use this program and if you were not familiar with how to use it, then you may lower your chances of being employed.  

 Along with InDesign, you should also know how to use basic programs like photoshop, as this is often utilized in graphic design projects. 

Great Design Examples    

A great way to improve your own ability as a graphic designer is by checking out great examples of graphic designs. We recommend that you have a look at some websites that are well known for their graphic design, such as the free robux website  or other artistic sites. By getting to know what the industry standard is, you can make sure that you are creating a portfolio that will appeal to the masses, which will increase the likelihood of you gaining employability in some of the most popular design companies.  

Looking at the designs of others is also very helpful for when you feel as though you are in an artistic rut, so if you are in need of inspiration be sure to do some research.  

 Advanced Design Ideas 

If you feel as though your current ideas are a bit basic, then unfortunately you may not be picked up or employed by any design companies. We recommend that you try and make your designs more complex, as these designs will be more likely to stand out from your competitors.  

If you want to improve your ability, you can always take classes or seek advice from professional designers.  

VR In Retrospective: How Could the Tech Advance Even More

VR has really taken the gaming world by storm. It has offered a brand new way for avid gamers to experience the games that they know and love and has been embraced by almost all members of the community. Before now, nothing has really ever compared to the immersion that you get thanks to VR technology and it is the closest that we have ever got to really being in the games that we love.  

 VR did not enter the market in the exact form that you see today. In fact, developers have been testing the potential that VR could have for a number of years. You may not know this, but VR is no new thing. It has actually been in testing for a number of years and has only recently been released into the mass market for easy purchase.  

 You may have noticed mentions of VR in pop culture for a number of years, but it hasn’t always been as glamorous as it is right now. In fact, some of the first virtual reality equipment that was available to use was nothing more complicated than a VR mask that allowed you to see your game from your character’s perspective but didn’t have the same movement or immersion abilities as current models.  

 Right now, when you use VR technology it feels as though you are really there. However, as with any aspect of life, not everyone is completely happy with the experience that VR currently offers. Many people believe that there are ways that technology could really advance, but what advancements do people crave? 

No controller  

Arguably one of the only aspects of virtual reality that is holding it back from being completely immersive is the must-have use of controllers. Unfortunately, right now, technology just isn’t at the palace that it needs to be in order for this to be possible and also practical.  

 It is definitely agreed that there is something about the use of controllers that really reminds you that you are in fact playing a game. Controllers can actually be extremely annoying to use too, as you can’t see them and unless you have good muscle memory, you probably won’t be able to remember where all of the buttons are.  

 Many people believe that VR technology should be in a place where you can just move freely and experience the game in a fully immersive way. However, it is important to remember that one of the main uses of the VR controller is to be able to move in your games. Running around in real life simply wouldn’t work, as the environment that you are playing in is likely to be very different to the game environment.  

Though controller play doesn’t seem to be something that we will see in the next five years, developers are taking steps into improving the controller that you can use right now. In fact, if you are familiar with PlayStation virtual reality, then you may be aware that there are new controllers hitting the market which promise to make your experience much more realistic.  


Something that many gamers believe is missing from the VR experience is the ability to use cheats. Cheats make any game runner, so imagine how fun they would make it when you feel like you are in the game.  Right now, you can even cheat at destiny 2 if you want to win more, so why are you unable to cheat in some of the most advanced gaming technology that we have ever seen? 


4D is something that is always joked with and has been experimented with in several sectors of life, like movies and music. However,  many people believe that one way to make virtual reality truly immersive is by introducing an element of smell. For some games , like horror games, it seems unusual that people would want to be able to smell their surroundings.  

 However, many people argue that even bad smells will completely transform the virtual reality experience and make it feel as though you are really there, which seems to be quite appealing to some VR fans.  

Understanding Modern Tech: Self-Driving Cars

Technology has come a very long way to be where we’re at with it today, half a century ago it seemed like a pipe dream that almost everyone would have their own laptop and their own mobile phone as technology was expensive and not accessible back then. It used to be the case that only rich people owned a TV and now in most family homes there are several in different rooms. This is also true for cars, when cars were first in production it was only the super-rich who could afford to buy a car and afford to fuel it. In the 1920s cars started to be mass-produced, the newly designed production line cut down the time it takes to make a car from weeks to merely days which made them much cheaper and allowed most people to purchase one. 

The next advancement in modern car technology is likely to be self-driving cars. This concept would have been laughed at years ago, but technology has come so far and is so sophisticated that it now seems very likely and development has already begun on creating self-driving cars that are suitable for the road, you’ll be able to check which cars are driven normally and which are self-driven by doing a chassis number check which provides you with all the information about any car you have the VP number of. How these cars will work may be a bit confusing to many people and may seem dangerous, so we’ve delved into everything you need to know about self-driving cars. 

How do they work?

A prototype for a self-driving car has already been created which means it’s inevitable that these cars will eventually become widely accessible, there are still some tweaks that need changing before this prototype is fully safe for the road but the hardest part has been completed. Self-driving cars will work based on lots of sensors and complex coding alongside this to allow the vehicle to make sense of what the sensors mean, they also will have some of the world’s best and most powerful processors to allow them to execute the software. The sensors are used to allow the care to build a map of their surroundings, there are several types of sensors involved in this complex process. 

Radar sensors are used to monitor the surroundings, for example where other vehicles on the road are positioned, video cameras are used to look out for things such as traffic lights and pedestrians and light detection is used to identify lane markings on the road. The powerful software then makes sense of all of this data and sends instructions to the car’s functions like the brakes and the steering wheel. 

The Pro’s of Self-Driving Cars

There is a whole range of pros of self-driving care becoming widely accessible. If the majority of the population are using self-driving cars then this would make the roads much safer. It takes away many of the dangers associated with driving, human error on the roads often causes accidents for example if someone is distracted, this issue would be completely eradicated as self-driving cars wouldn’t make these kinds of mistakes. There would also be no more accidents associated with drink driving and there would be no more road rage issues. They would also be more time-efficient, say you’re late for work instead of looking for a place to park, your car can drop you off and then park itself. Insurance would also be much cheaper making it more accessible to people and they would make driving more accessible for the elderly and the disabled giving them more freedom than they’re used to. 

The 5 Best YouTube Tech Channels to Follow

For any of you tech enthusiasts out there, you’ll be extremely happy to hear that the number of channels on YouTube that class themselves as tech channels is increasing. This means more videos for you to watch and learn from so you’ll never run out of tech videos again. Every tech topic I could think of has been covered by at least 1 YouTuber, whether that’s about medical technology, communication technology, or construction technology, every area is covered. There are also many tech videos that are reviews of products, tech tutorial videos, and many experimental tech videos which are fan favorite. As YouTube is now home to so many of these channels, we’ve rounded up the 10 best tech channels so that you can watch the best tech videos without having to watch any bad ones.


CNET is a well-known and highly successful tech YouTube channel that is by far one of the most popular tech channels, they are so popular that one of their YouTube videos made it to the top 10 most viewed youtube videos of all time. Their YouTube channel has everything from technology tutorials to interviews with some of the most tech-smart people in the world including Mark Zuckerberg.  They also have video coverage of all the main tech events, so if you can’t make it to your favorite event then check out this channel and it’s likely they’ll have a video you can watch to feel like you’re there.


Mashable is another really popular tech channel on YouTube, they have over 500k subscribers and thousands of dedicated fans watch every video that they release. Most of the videos on this channel have their main focus on new innovative technology. They discuss and build all sorts of exciting things from robots to jet packs and they often discuss the existing future of VR. They also offer tech help videos, these are some of the simplest tech help videos we’ve seen, so if you have something that needs fixing this channel is a great place to look.


This channel is one of the tech channels with the highest number of subscribers as they have over 5 million subscribers. For anyone who has seen any videos from the channel, you’ll see exactly why they have so many subscribers, the quality of these videos is very high. He has a brilliant sense of humor and his amazing camera work makes for an easy and enjoyable watch. He often does Q&A videos so if you have any tech questions and you don’t know where to get your answer then this channel is a great place to look.

Tech Insider

Tech Insider is a popular channel that is getting close to having 1 million subscribers. They’re based on Business Insider and they explore some of the hottest tech topics, the biggest current issues, and any inside scoops in the tech world. They also have some of the most fun tech videos including fun topics like how deep the ocean is, scary VR games, and any new weird inventions


Techquickie is a really informative but still fun YouTube tech channel. Their videos are short usually only lasting around 5 minutes but they’re filled with information and humor so they’re a great watch. Their videos fall into 1 of 3 categories; answering questions that you didn’t even know you had, help to fix any malfunctioning tech that you may have, or exciting home DIY tech projects that are seen as some of the most ambitious tech projects.


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