Author: jennifer

It’s a cool trick that all love. Regardless of how well we know the application or program, we never learned almost always a shortcut. The same thing applies to the hardware. Without knowing the right things, we can use gadgets daily. A great example is Zoom, recently discovered by millions of Americans.¬†During quarantine, the technology […]

SQL Database is a relational, intelligent and high power database which enhances the performance of the system and increases the durability.In certain instances, DBAs, data analysts, and developers deal with low operational efficiency and get very irritated if their SQL queries are incredibly slow, which would cause the database system to perform poorly. Having a […]

Finally, the most standard Facebook Dark mode has been released, and then all the technology and Facebook fans will be waiting. The latest functionality in a dark way is usable both on Desktop and smartphone, ensuring that both iPhone and Android users are entitled to this fantastic feature. The all-new Facebook Dark mode has made […]