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For someone who is new to this, on the surface setting up your home network can seem pretty complicated. If you don’t know the basics we suggest finding a list of the most popular network mapping tools. We know the results might seem complicated, luckily, it’s much easier than it may seem and you don’t […]

Who needs to perform an emergency run to the power socket to save the battery from their laptop? That’s no fun, particularly with everybody working & learning from homes these days in different parts of the house where you must not possess a suitable socket nearby. Luckily, new laptops are often more powerful than their […]

It’s a cool trick that all love. Regardless of how well we know the application or program, we never learned almost always a shortcut. The same thing applies to the hardware. Without knowing the right things, we can use gadgets daily. A great example is Zoom, recently discovered by millions of Americans. During quarantine, the technology […]