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Technology has come a very long way to be where we’re at with it today, half a century ago it seemed like a pipe dream that almost everyone would have their own laptop and their own mobile phone as technology was expensive and not accessible back then. It used to be the case that only […]

For any of you tech enthusiasts out there, you’ll be extremely happy to hear that the number of channels on YouTube that class themselves as tech channels is increasing. This means more videos for you to watch and learn from so you’ll never run out of tech videos again. Every tech topic I could think […]

It is hard to deny that the world of mobile phones has moved leaps and bounds in the last twenty years. Phones have evolved at an extremely fast rate. In the last twenty years alone, phones have gone from being nothing but bricks that you could use to call people from, to touch screen pocket […]

SQL is a type of programming language which helps developers to manage databases and properly arrange them as per their choices. In these databases, a tremendous amount of data is stored. You should note that in today’s digital world, the use of SQL is of great importance, and you will mark out SQL in various […]

Without info, you cannot spell data science. Data is a central component of data science. I may believe the entire field of data science—and sub-fields—is the science of interpretation. It is the art of your information telling a story.Three of the core stages in a data science project are the compilation, purification, and data review. […]

Are you planning to buy a computer? Then it would help if you had a piece of proper knowledge about different things about PCs. Knowing about various things help you to select the computer as per your need. So here are essential things that you must know about the computer before buying it. We would […]