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Technology has transformed the way we communicate and do business forever. It is the most useful tool we have and is constantly being updated with new devices, programs, or platforms. Businesses must utilize communication with these tools in order to be successful because of how much society relies on technology. Communication was primarily through landlines […]

We all rely on our phones for so much, so it can be mega annoying when something goes wrong- especially when we don’t know what to do or who to turn to. Some issues that we run into regarding our iPhone can be easily sorted ourselves at home, but sometimes it’s better to leave it […]

Oracle is a similar database administration framework using a structured query language (SQL) for simple communication with the database, programmes and other user interfaces. It is essential to consider the terminology included before we get through Oracle and Oracle output tuning fundamentals. For all significant platforms like Windows and Unix, Oracle is a versatile RDBMS. […]

In several sectors, artificial intelligence is applicable. Company managers can use this to make decisions. It can be used to accelerate automated operations and reduce the workload of humans. Innovative research is being overshadowed by older approaches and neural networks in different areas. AI is more than tech can do. The correct business choices can […]

SQL and Oracle Databases sound too similar, but they are not. They have some differences that we have jotted down in this article. So read the article to find out. SQL Database MeaningThe server of MS SQL is a Microsoft product database. Users can run and process SQL queries. It is amongst the most secure, […]

MongoDB is the open access, document-based NoSQL database. It stores information in such a JSON-like format with business-grade features such as high scalability, accessibility, and security.The following are some of the main features of the MongoDB database:It is an open-source, NoSQL, cross-platform, document-based database.There is no definition of a database schema like a relational database. […]

What do you Understand by Oracle DBA?The organization, credibility, and control of an enterprise’s records are usually responsible for the database administrator. Although the DBA’s particular tasks, duties, obligations, and work names can differ widely, the DBA generally uses DBMS information to identify, manage, build, backup, and protect an entity’s databases.The DBA’s primary purpose is […]

SQL Database is a relational, intelligent and high power database which enhances the performance of the system and increases the durability.In certain instances, DBAs, data analysts, and developers deal with low operational efficiency and get very irritated if their SQL queries are incredibly slow, which would cause the database system to perform poorly. Having a […]

Finally, the most standard Facebook Dark mode has been released, and then all the technology and Facebook fans will be waiting. The latest functionality in a dark way is usable both on Desktop and smartphone, ensuring that both iPhone and Android users are entitled to this fantastic feature. The all-new Facebook Dark mode has made […]