Future Tech: What is Next for Smartphone Design?

Future Tech: What is Next for Smartphone Design?

It is hard to deny that the world of mobile phones has moved leaps and bounds in the last twenty years. Phones have evolved at an extremely fast rate. In the last twenty years alone, phones have gone from being nothing but bricks that you could use to call people from, to touch screen pocket computers.

Every year a brand new smartphone gets released onto the market, with the promise that it is much better than the phones that came before it. For the most part, this is true and every year we have watched in awe as smartphones have evolved into something that we could have never imagined.

Due to just how rapidly smartphones have reached the point that they are currently at, there is no wonder why we all spend so much time speculating how future smartphones may work.  Here are some of our presumptions on what is next for the design of smartphones.


Contactless charging

Yes, contactless charging is already a thing. However, it is not accessible to all smartphones and for people who can access it, many choose not to due to how slow the charging can be. Our prediction is that in the next generations of smartphones, we are bound to see an increase in the use of contactless charging.

After all, one of the most annoying things about having a smartphone is having to constantly charge them, which means we can’t always be on the go. We all know how temperamental batteries can be for smartphones, after all, we have all had to go through a samsung gear s2 battery replacement at one point or another. Having contactless charging as a part of the daily norm will mean that charging points will pop up more in public, which will be very beneficial for all of us.


Return to the smaller device

In the last few years, it is hard to deny that smartphones have gotten ridiculously big. These days they are more comparable to an iPad, which some may argue entirely defeats the purpose of the mobile phone- as it makes them even less mobile.

Our prediction is that smartphones are going to take a step back and return to being conveniently small. After all, they were created with the intention of being able to just put them in your pocket and head out- but some of our pockets can’t even handle the current phone models.

A return to smaller phones has already been seen in Apple products. With every release, they will release several versions of their phone- one of which is always a compact version and these versions always prove to be very popular among the general public.


The flip phone

This is something that we are already seeing happen in the phone market. People want bigger screens, but they don’t want the inconvenience of having to carry a large phone around with them all of the time. Because of this, we think that flip phones are going to make a return.

Now, we don’t mean that we will return to a world of button and screen separation. Instead, screens will continue to be large, but we will now have the ability to fold these screens and carefully put them away in our pockets.

Flip phones are also much safer than your regular smartphone. This is because the screen would be folded inwards and would not be directly exposed to any damage in the likely case that you may drop your phone. We see this making a comeback in the next year or so, so keep your eyes peeled.

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