Inside Tech: Is it Possible to Repair an iPhone

Inside Tech: Is it Possible to Repair an iPhone

We all rely on our phones for so much, so it can be mega annoying when something goes wrong- especially when we don’t know what to do or who to turn to. Some issues that we run into regarding our iPhone can be easily sorted ourselves at home, but sometimes it’s better to leave it to the professionals, that’s why they’re there after all! If you are not sure how serious your problem is, it is possible to find this out by logging into your iCloud on another device and answer the questions regarding your issue, apple will then give you a solution or tell you whether your phone needs to be seen by them. If you do run into a problem with your iPhone, Apple will always be willing to help, you can bring your phone to your nearest Apple Store to get it fixed, or visit an independent repair center if you feel this is appropriate for your issue. When you purchase your iPhone, it automatically comes with a year warranty for repairs; you just need to check that your specific problem is covered.  

Issues with Simple Solutions 

Sometimes your iPhone may just have a mind of its own and decide to shut down, freeze or maybe do something strange such as a prolonged white screen. These issues are often ones that can be resolved through a quick google search. These sorts of issues do not need to be repaired as such, as they often require you to hold a certain button in for a certain length of time, reset your phone, or maybe connect your phone to a computer to access iCloud. In these cases, you most likely do not need to get your phone repaired or seen by a professional. There may also be circumstances where something you have exposed your iPhone to has caused it to react in a certain way- such as water exposure or extreme temperatures, in these cases, there are also methods on google that can aid you with this.  

iPhone Lock Removal  

A while ago, Apple decided that they needed to design a feature within the iPhone that prevents iPhones from being accessed by thieves and hackers; this is called an activation lock. While this is of course useful and I’m sure has protected a lot of people’s privacy, it can be frustrating if you get locked out of your iPhone. If this happens, you will need to contact Apple and ask for iPhone activation lock removal; you will be asked to prove that the iPhone was purchased by you, so they can make sure it is not stolen. This is a simple issue to fix.  

Smashed screen 

Smashed screens are the most common repair when it comes to iPhones becoming damaged and while people often try and fix it themselves, this often causes damages to worsen. If you dropped your phone and it made a slight crack, this is unlikely to be an issue regarding the use of your iPhone, therefore, I doubt you need to get it fixed unless it really bothers you. Although, a really smashed screen that means you cannot use your phone with ease, definitely needs to be fixed. However, a smashed screen does not automatically mean that you need to be shipping your phone off to Apple, there are plenty of independent stores that will fix your phone screen for you.  

Remember, iPhones are not built to last for a very long time, otherwise no one would buy a new phone and Apple would go bust. Therefore, there may come a time (due to planned obsolescence) where your iPhone just gives up and becomes too outdated to be repaired; in which case, it was probably less of your doing and more that you just need a new phone.  

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