The 5 Best YouTube Tech Channels to Follow

The 5 Best YouTube Tech Channels to Follow

For any of you tech enthusiasts out there, you’ll be extremely happy to hear that the number of channels on YouTube that class themselves as tech channels is increasing. This means more videos for you to watch and learn from so you’ll never run out of tech videos again. Every tech topic I could think of has been covered by at least 1 YouTuber, whether that’s about medical technology, communication technology, or construction technology, every area is covered. There are also many tech videos that are reviews of products, tech tutorial videos, and many experimental tech videos which are fan favorite. As YouTube is now home to so many of these channels, we’ve rounded up the 10 best tech channels so that you can watch the best tech videos without having to watch any bad ones.


CNET is a well-known and highly successful tech YouTube channel that is by far one of the most popular tech channels, they are so popular that one of their YouTube videos made it to the top 10 most viewed youtube videos of all time. Their YouTube channel has everything from technology tutorials to interviews with some of the most tech-smart people in the world including Mark Zuckerberg.  They also have video coverage of all the main tech events, so if you can’t make it to your favorite event then check out this channel and it’s likely they’ll have a video you can watch to feel like you’re there.


Mashable is another really popular tech channel on YouTube, they have over 500k subscribers and thousands of dedicated fans watch every video that they release. Most of the videos on this channel have their main focus on new innovative technology. They discuss and build all sorts of exciting things from robots to jet packs and they often discuss the existing future of VR. They also offer tech help videos, these are some of the simplest tech help videos we’ve seen, so if you have something that needs fixing this channel is a great place to look.


This channel is one of the tech channels with the highest number of subscribers as they have over 5 million subscribers. For anyone who has seen any videos from the channel, you’ll see exactly why they have so many subscribers, the quality of these videos is very high. He has a brilliant sense of humor and his amazing camera work makes for an easy and enjoyable watch. He often does Q&A videos so if you have any tech questions and you don’t know where to get your answer then this channel is a great place to look.

Tech Insider

Tech Insider is a popular channel that is getting close to having 1 million subscribers. They’re based on Business Insider and they explore some of the hottest tech topics, the biggest current issues, and any inside scoops in the tech world. They also have some of the most fun tech videos including fun topics like how deep the ocean is, scary VR games, and any new weird inventions


Techquickie is a really informative but still fun YouTube tech channel. Their videos are short usually only lasting around 5 minutes but they’re filled with information and humor so they’re a great watch. Their videos fall into 1 of 3 categories; answering questions that you didn’t even know you had, help to fix any malfunctioning tech that you may have, or exciting home DIY tech projects that are seen as some of the most ambitious tech projects.

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