VR In Retrospective: How Could the Tech Advance Even More

VR In Retrospective: How Could the Tech Advance Even More

VR has really taken the gaming world by storm. It has offered a brand new way for avid gamers to experience the games that they know and love and has been embraced by almost all members of the community. Before now, nothing has really ever compared to the immersion that you get thanks to VR technology and it is the closest that we have ever got to really being in the games that we love.  

 VR did not enter the market in the exact form that you see today. In fact, developers have been testing the potential that VR could have for a number of years. You may not know this, but VR is no new thing. It has actually been in testing for a number of years and has only recently been released into the mass market for easy purchase.  

 You may have noticed mentions of VR in pop culture for a number of years, but it hasn’t always been as glamorous as it is right now. In fact, some of the first virtual reality equipment that was available to use was nothing more complicated than a VR mask that allowed you to see your game from your character’s perspective but didn’t have the same movement or immersion abilities as current models.  

 Right now, when you use VR technology it feels as though you are really there. However, as with any aspect of life, not everyone is completely happy with the experience that VR currently offers. Many people believe that there are ways that technology could really advance, but what advancements do people crave? 

No controller  

Arguably one of the only aspects of virtual reality that is holding it back from being completely immersive is the must-have use of controllers. Unfortunately, right now, technology just isn’t at the palace that it needs to be in order for this to be possible and also practical.  

 It is definitely agreed that there is something about the use of controllers that really reminds you that you are in fact playing a game. Controllers can actually be extremely annoying to use too, as you can’t see them and unless you have good muscle memory, you probably won’t be able to remember where all of the buttons are.  

 Many people believe that VR technology should be in a place where you can just move freely and experience the game in a fully immersive way. However, it is important to remember that one of the main uses of the VR controller is to be able to move in your games. Running around in real life simply wouldn’t work, as the environment that you are playing in is likely to be very different to the game environment.  

Though controller play doesn’t seem to be something that we will see in the next five years, developers are taking steps into improving the controller that you can use right now. In fact, if you are familiar with PlayStation virtual reality, then you may be aware that there are new controllers hitting the market which promise to make your experience much more realistic.  


Something that many gamers believe is missing from the VR experience is the ability to use cheats. Cheats make any game runner, so imagine how fun they would make it when you feel like you are in the game.  Right now, you can even cheat at destiny 2 if you want to win more, so why are you unable to cheat in some of the most advanced gaming technology that we have ever seen? 


4D is something that is always joked with and has been experimented with in several sectors of life, like movies and music. However,  many people believe that one way to make virtual reality truly immersive is by introducing an element of smell. For some games , like horror games, it seems unusual that people would want to be able to smell their surroundings.  

 However, many people argue that even bad smells will completely transform the virtual reality experience and make it feel as though you are really there, which seems to be quite appealing to some VR fans.  

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